About Me

About Me

Hello friend,

My name is Sarp and I have always been an avid collector of all sorts of gadgets. Some people like collecting pens, some watches. Well I primarily focus on collecting items which makes me think “Wow, how did someone come up with the idea to do this?” and I also take into account wether it is useful or not and if it is, then I have a great gadget to add to my collection. Also I have always loved playing games with beautiful stories and among them ranks Last Of Us, God Of War and Uncharted as my favorites. I also uploaded some of my reviews of the products related to them.

The purpose of this site

In this site I wanted to share my passion with people and make a living doing so. In other words, I wanted to make a site that is a collection of the most creative and absurd gadgets that are not only extremely cool but also very useful. In addition there were a couple games which I wanted to make reviews and display some of my favorite merchandise, In terms of decoration I think they look really good. I hope you like the products as much as I did.

You can leave a comment here so we can start a discussion which other people can join too or email me if you like at sarp@relicportal.com

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