Alan Wake Part 2 – Coming Out In 2023!

Alan wake, is one of the only games that has ever truly scared me. I got the game when i was 8 (Probably the biggest reason why I was scared) I thought playing a scary game would be fun and oh boy was it fun, it had a very strange dynamic to the game, the story, the mysteries in the game was truly amazing but the shadows that stalk you, never knowing when they’ll attack you and constantly checking you flashlight to see if there is any battery left was scary but the true scare starts when you’re in the middle of a forest in middle of the night and your flashlight dies. You’re surrounded by shadows that can only be killed with light and your flashlight dies. 

Jumpscares give you a shock, you get startled but it’s not that scary, whats truly scary is knowing that you can be jumpscared at any moment and trying to find a way out before it happens. 

I stopped playing the game 2 times before I was so scared that I couldn’t continue. I stopped playing for 2 YEARS. But when I came back I finished the game in one sitting. Because of this the game made a lasting impression on me, it became one of my most nostalgic and most favorite games. 

Now after 13 long years they are releasing a sequel. I never expected them to make one but oh boy, I am so excited. If you have never played the game and you like games that are story driven, filled with mysteries and like horror/thriller games then I can’t recommend it enough. It is absolutely breathtaking, a real horror game not based on jumpscares but on putting you in truely scary positions like being alone in a forest, being chased and more (I’ll leave it to you to experience it for yourself)

Alan Wake was truly a masterpiece of a game. lets see if part 2 will live up to expectations. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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