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In front of us lies a great future with many capabilities thanks to the surge of AI. ChatGPT came out and people are using it for all sorts of ways for themselves and their business. Well one of the sectors that will greatly by affected by AI is gaming so here I wanted to discuss my thoughts on future video gaming technology. Not only through AI but other factors that will arise as well.

Virtual Reality Environments

Oculus, HTC Vive with these two dominating brands in the sector we have already seen the affect of VR on gaming, it makes the whole experience a lot more immersive with you literally moving your body as if you’re moving the characters body to progress.

However it is still in its beginning phase. The games that exist for VR are nowhere near as high quality in visuals and story as games that arent VR. That will most definitely change in the future though. We will be seeing people in big rooms on huge treadmill like devices, like in that one Johnny English movie, pretty much living in their VR worlds. It is the dream of many people I can say that for sure. Who wouldn’t want to be in this fantasy world, doing all sorts of adventures hunting big monsters, meeting new people, making new friends and pretty much living a life that’s worth an adventure novel every single day. It sounds amazing but has the potential to be a great curse.


I’m going to skip the obvious use of AI to make more smarter and human like NPC’s in games. What really interests me is the use of AI to make games. Just like AI that makes drawings and AI that makes music. I think that we might see AI making brand new games with interesting stories. People will be able to access ai games online just by searching it online and be able to play it for very cheap prices or maybe free because of the abundance. The best stories induce some degree of strong emotions in the player, because that is how you get attached to the story or how you find it a great story. Despite Last Of Us part 2 being a very well made game with great graphics, it wasn’t liked at all by many people because it induced strong negative emotions. I was definitely one of them. So im curious to see how AI will make touching emotional stories if it can because in essence that is what makes us human. If you were to ask me how to test if an AI can think like a human ,which requires mainly emotion, something AI currently lacks i would say if its able to make a brand new story from scratch that makes a human cry, it can think like a human.

Use of body energy as currency

This may sound outlandish, but I think that in the future we might see people some way or another to “increase the realness of games” use their own energy as currency. So when you burn calories through exercise in real life your character in game gains energy and when your in sitting down your character slowly loses energy. It can be a way to push people to exercise and more and provide a certain connection between the player and their character.

I dont want to get too carried away, im sure you can also think of many possibilites for the future but the two main ones and the third speculative one which actually today they have begun to take steps in making, through the idea of using body energy as currency in real life, are the ones I wanted to talk about.

Like always if you have anything you would like to add, please leave a comment down below, I would love to read what you think about this topic.

Take care 🙂

4 thoughts on “Future Video Gaming Technology

  1. Many thanks for publishing such an insightful and comprehensive article about the technology of the foreseeable future pertaining to video games. This is actually a very significant post that needs to be read. You have my complete and total agreement. because the implementation of this AI has resulted in significant advancements in today’s video games. Keep publishing like this. I most certainly will share this.

    1. Thank you very much for reading Pasindu, I am glad that you liked the content. I will most definitely continue to share content like this, I hope to see you again in future posts.

  2. The gaming industry has continued to evolve with technology. I remember when the Nintendo was launched. We felt the gaming industry have seen it all. But now the story is fast changing with the power of AIs. I like it when you emphasized that the VRs are in the beginning phase. Both the storylines and the user interface will defintely change.

    1. Hello Parameter, yes, the gaming industry is evolving faster than ever and it seems as if it will keep evolving to a point we probably can’t imagine at the moment. I hope to see you later, have a nice day.

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