Gamer Dating – Find Your Ideal Gamer Partner

Yes, it really is what you’re probably thinking. There is a site called Gamer Dating where you can actually find not only a partner to play games with but a partner for life. Hey, If you’re a guy and you love gaming i’m sure that you have at least once definitely thought of having a girlfriend who loves gaming as much as you do and someone who you can play games with. Someone you don’t have to constantly try to convince to play with you, someone who will precisely connect with you through that common interest. Sounds too fantastic? Well it ain’t, not anymore.

How does it work?

All you need to do to sign in is write your name and email and the preferred gender of your partner and thats it. After that you upload a picture of yourself. Then comes a very interesting step, it asks you to choose 3 of your favorite games from a huge list of games. After that it asks you questions about you to find people around you and

for other people to know you better, similar questions to tinder. And finally you enter the site and are able to find other people of your liking, send and receive messages for FREE you don’t have to pay anything to access the site. There is however obviously a subscription, the makers of the site gotta earn too. The subscription is $35 dollars for 2 months and $70 for 4 months and it works the exact same way tinder gold does, except you have the ability to send as many messages to as many people as you want for free which isn’t the case with tinder. So the only downside to a free membership is that you can every single thing a paid member can except play free games and read free messages. So i personally think that this is great because maybe you’re not going to get many matches or you’re not going to like the people you match with for some reason and so you can see that for yourself without paying anything and if you see that the site is giving you many opportunities to find a partner, you  messages and you find people you like then you can move to a subscription if you like.

Are There Any Downsides?

1. Well it has an online user base of around 5,000 people and they are mostly from USA, United Kingdom, Canada and the Netherlands so if you live in one of these countries then you might have a chance of meeting, if not then you might not be able to meet people in real life but still be able to find someone to play a certain game with you like LOL or WOW.

2.  There is no user verification so there might be fake accounts

3. If you’re not a gamer, this site is not for you

So there is not many people and so it might be hard to find someone. The registration is completely free though and like mentioned you can send messages and receive them just you wont be able to read them.

So if you’re interested in checking out the site for yourself, you can visit it from this link:

Gamer Dating Link

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