Garmin fenix 7X Sapphire Solar Watch

This watch is my favorite and the one i’m wearing right now.

Garmin is known for always providing quality watches, I own 5, 5x 6 and everyone has been very useful. These watches are ideal for runners, bikers and people that do regular walks and with its map they can even function as a gps, however what sets this one way apart from others is that you can create your own workouts, you can arrange the sets and reps and the watch somehow understands which muscle is activated.

I was using it for pushups once, I made my own workout and after I was finished and saved it, I checked the app and it gave a detailed explanation of the amount of calories burned, heart rate, HRV and it had a picture showing which muscles were worked. Also it is highly customizable. Not just the watch straps but also the watch itself varies in color and shape. It also has a flashlight installed on it that is exceptionally bright. All in all, my favorite feature is that it is solar powered. You can charge it with its own charger as well but at times when not available just spending time outside on a sunny day is enough. Im wearing the watch right now and by the time I have written this, I haven’t charged it since almost 2 months, although I have only used the workout features.

The screen size varies about 0.2 inches depending on model but for the base model with sapphire glass the screen size is 1.4 inches

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