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Joels Bag Last Of Us

Probably the most accurate and high quality bag out there made by AUGUR that looks almost exactly like Joels bag from the game except it looks a bit too new and the original doesn’t have darker shaded straps. Just throw it around hit it someplace and dip it in mud and you will have the perfect look.

Material: High quality durable canvas

Dimensions: 46 cm (H) x 32 cm (L) x 20 cm (W), 18.1 ′ (H) x 12.6 ′ (L) x 8 ′ (W) Capacity: 28 – 38 L.

Also has a magnetic design so it provides some degree of Theft Protection.

(There is another brand called WMING that actually makes a bag that looks pretty much exactly like Joels bag but it doesn’t have many reviews and the reviews aren’t that good so i didn’t post it. But you can check it out for yourself if you want to)

2 thoughts on “Joels Bag Last Of Us

  1. Pretty cool looking bag, and I love how you are a relic website! Thanks for your honest input of this bag from the Last Of Us. It looks like a very durable bag and you provided the dimensions and how many liters it can fill so that I can accurately get a good depiction of it. 

    Seems like a really cool game to play, and I’m just actually getting into the series on tv now.  

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