Metaverse – The Advances We’ll See As Early As 2023

So lately I have come upon quite fascinating news. I already knew about the Metaverse and all the advances and changes that will follow with it, but I wasnt aware as to how close we are to seeing actual real-world implementations. 

New “Meta” Coming Out In 2023 With Corresponding Coins

There will be new games and applications coming out this year and with that new coins, which will function as in-game currency. But these aren’t just any games. In these games you will be in a virtual world with a character that solely belongs to you. You will be able to interact with the other people in-game. Like a site calles Silks is creating a virtual environment where you own a horse and as a horserider you race other people and depending on if you win or not, you get coins which translate to real money! It’s awesome isn’t it, you play games and earn money.

NFT – Your Identifier In Game 

So you might have have heard of NFT’s, otherwise known as Non Fungible Token, it is essentially a way in which someone buy a certain product ( Generally just a .jpeg image) and through blockchain technology that person is known as the official owner of that item. People can copy the image and do whatever they want with it, but you officially own the image. However the original designer still has all the rights to the image, which makes this whole NFT business a bit weird. But thats a topic for another time. 

Essentially you buy and NFT and that becomes your avatar in game. Then you level it up and compete with other people to make digital money which you can then cash in for real money.

 What Are Some Examples? When Is All This Coming?

So there is a new fighting game coming up where you have your own avatar and through doing real life exercises you strengthen your character increase his/her fighting abilities and then you can take your avatar and fight with other people in the metaverse. There is another one where there are multiple P2E games in one like cart-racing, fighting and so on. 

When Is All This Coming Out?

There isn’t a specific date unfortunately, however the plans are that most of the features of all of these fames will be released within 2023. And by the start of 2024, we can hope to see a brand new, updated and immensely more immersive games that will not only provide the fun people are looking for, but also be profitable.

Thats all from me regarding this topic for now. As time goes on and new updates come, I will most definitely be sharing them here. As always, please drop a comment if you would like to add or ask anything and take care.


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