My Thoughts On The Last Of Us For PC (Spoiler Free)

So after about a decade, even after the second game came out last of us will now be available to play on pc on Match 3 2023. What kind of benefits or maybe negatives can this have?


So this is probably the best part of the last of us for pc, the chance of modding and adding many elements to the game which would otherwise not be accesible. From custom skins for ellie and joel and the other characters to being able to add new characters to the game and more. While for games like red dead redemption 2 this was an amazing feature to have How might it affect a game which isnt open world?

Elements from last of us part 2 can be brought in

Certain characters like Dina, jessie, lev and even abby (the possibilities are endless for her lol) can be put in various different scenes and made funny videos out of that. I dont know if its possible but the weapon building system in part 2 was one of the best aspects of the game and maybe people would be able to implement that in part 1 too.

What I would really like to see though is giving Joel the dodge dynamics Ellie had in part 2. It would make for some really funny scenes but also make the fighting scenes way more fun.

The last of us tv series can play a role

We might be able to see Ellie getting the look of Bella Ramsey with use of some sort of deepfake program to make a skin or the same for Joel being portrayed as Pedro Pascal.

Amazing combat gameplays

We all know playing on controller and pc is very different in terms of ease of play. With the game coming to pc we might be able to see very badass gameplays from people with great aim and control and the utilization of modding can give us an endless supply of last of us content that would showcase the creativity of the people making it and provide us with more, although non-canon, content to once again experience last of us like it has just came out.

I wanted to give my thoughts and ideas about the possibilities we might see when last of us comes to pc. I would love to read what you guys have to say on this matter and possibly start a discussion about this topic and more. I thank you for reading this and wish you a great day.

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