Witcher 3 – Why It Is One Of The Best Games Ever (Spoiler Free)

Witcher 3 is one of my favorite games ever and in this site I wanted to collect some of my favorite merchandise. But before that I wanted to write a blog as to why I think it is one of the best games ever made with 5 star reviews from many well-known sources.


The story of witcher 3, is arguably one of the best in gaming history and I would say that that is the biggest reason why it is so amazing. The story revolves around a witcher, a mutant human who specializes in killing monsters, and his quest to find his surrogate daughter, Ciri, who is actually a princess that goes through witcher training although does not go through the gruesome chemical injection phase that would make her an actual witcher, and all the events that unfold through that journey. It is an amazing story because of all the fantasy elements to it and the relationship between geralt and ciri and all the other characters.

Open World And Different Endings

The whole game is open world and it is almost GTA like with all the possibilities. Geralt owns a horse named Roach and you can ride it anywhere you want, hunt monsters for money or for fun, start a fight with the guards because why not, buy new swords and armor, try them out and do all sorts of extremely exciting quests. Even talking about it made me remember all the times I created absolute havoc in Novigrad, constanlty using quen so I don’t get one-shotted by the guards who were 50 levels above me for some reason. One of those guards can solo the entire Wild Hunt and here they are asking for help to get rid of 5 Drowners lol.

Well the possibilites are immensely vast, there are so many easter eggs and even if you’re finished with all the content in the main game there are two expansion packs, one of them which is called Blood and Wine is pretty much an entire game by itself.

Also the choices you make in every dialogue and the way you approach certain quests determine the ending you get. I love when games give you the ability to affect the ending.


Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer, Lambert and the blacksmith in Novigrad (Man the sword he made for me was legendary in every way) are my favorite characters. I hope i didn’t leave out anybody, it has been a couple years I played but these characters, their dynamics and the dialogues between them is simply worth taking a beer or coffee ( If you’re under 18) and drinking alongside them. I absolutely loved the characters and their banter, if you’ve played the game you know what i’m talking about, if not then I don’t want to say anything more and leave you the chance to experience it for yourself.

Witcher 3 is definitely in the list of my top 5 games. Like I mentioned i will be uploading my favorite merch for this game and if you would like to get the game for yourself, I will leave an amazon link down below.

Game of the Year edition – PS4

Complete Edition – PS4

Complete Edition – Nintendo Switch

Game of the Year edition – Xbox One

Complete Edition – PS5/Xbox Series X

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